'Piss Baby' Charlie Kirk Not Too Popular With The College Crowd

Turning Point USA’s Charlie Kirk was met with an enthusiastic crowd when he arrived to speak at Northern Arizona University on Tuesday. The enthusiasm was about the students’ dislike of the attention-seeking right-wing activist. One of the signs read, “Charlie Kirk Is a Piss Baby Change My Mind,” which made me snort-laugh.

Kirk used the moment to feign victimization. Poor Charlie. Everyone hates him:(

I see, it’s college women that will destroy America.

Via The New Republic:

When Kirk sat at a stall on campus, supposedly to debate students in the style of right-wing commentator Steven Crowder’s “Change My Mind” booth, protesters gathered around chanting “Fuck you, fascist!”

Twitter users piled in.

Charles, college students have First Amendment rights, too. You’re not special.

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