Polkadot holders accumulating Pushd, Bitcoin to break above $50k

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Investors are looking at Pushd (PUSHD) and Bitcoin (BTC). Meanwhile, Polkadot (DOT) holders are exploring the Pushd presale as analysts maintain that BTC will stay above $50k in the sessions ahead.

Investors pick Pushd over Polkadot

In the current market conditions, investors are cautious and looking to diversify. 

Since DOT remains under pressure, some holders have been exploring alternatives, flowing into Pushd.

Bitcoin likely to soar above $50k 

Bitcoin is bullish and likely to float above $50k. 

Wide acceptance, real-world utility, and strong security will buoy the coin. 

If it continues to increase, it may become the second most valuable coin after gold. 

Pushd presale attracts investors 

Investors are bullish on Pushd, believing it could grow to command the same popularity as Bitcoin.

In the current presale stage, PUSHD is trading for $0.094.

PUSHD holders will earn revenue from fees generated on the platform.

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