Poll Showing Trump And Biden Tied Was From Trump's Pollster

A Wall Street Journal poll just announced that most voters think Joe Biden is too old to be president for a second term—and a 2024 matchup between Biden and Donald Trump would be evenly split. The poll was covered across multiple mainstream media outlets, including MSNBC, CNN, and Fox. What they forget to mention? The poll was conducted in part by Trump’s former campaign pollster. Via the New Republic:

The poll, which was published Monday, found that Biden and Trump are tied with 46 percent support each. But “nearly three-quarters of voters say the president is too old to run again,” the Journal article said. It has garnered widespread media attention and outrage. MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough pointed out that Trump has been indicted four times and lied many, many more times, and yet he is tied with Biden simply because the latter is just three years older.

But the Journal neglects to provide information about one of the men behind the poll. Republican pollster Tony Fabrizio conducted the survey in partnership with a Democratic colleague, Michael Bocian. In a separate piece, the Journal acknowledged that Fabrizio “works for a super PAC supporting Trump’s candidacy.”

What the Journal does not mention anywhere is that Fabrizio also worked as the chief pollster on Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign. And since the start of 2023, Trump’s super PAC, Make America Great Again Inc., has paid Fabrizio’s company more than $567,000, according to FEC filings.

Fabrizio is the same guy who also did the September poll for the Journal in which everyone was suddenly so concerned about Biden’s age. Which means, of course that the Journal didn’t accidentally overlook the Trump connection again.

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