Porsche set for radical new look in electric era

“But if you look at what we have done on the 357, Mission X and even the 963 LMDh [endurance racer], we’re slowly figuring out that the headlights are not the most important thing. 

We can play around a bit, and that’s an area [in which] we used to be very careful.” 

How will you make halo EVs feel as special as the [old ICE] Carrera GT and 918 Spyder? 

“When doing halo cars, there’s always a good reason for doing it. There’s always an intrinsic reason behind them because we have to build a car that’s relevant to the market and relevant to the brand as well. 

“For exterior designers, it’s the shape that makes a car special, but its shape is very much dependent on the technology that we want to bring and the message we want to send. 

“The Mission X is a good example, because now we’re confident that we can make an impact with electric cars.”

Old-school GT look has no future

Asked if the long-bonnet, cab-back format used for the old 944 and 928 could work for an EV, Porsche exterior design boss Ingo Scheinhütte suggested this isn’t an avenue the firm is actively pursuing.

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