Project 2025: More Ties To Extreme Christian Nationalism

Journalist Jenny Cohn and The Bucks County Beacon discovered more proof that Project 2025 is part of an extreme, Christian Nationalist political agenda. Project 2025 was created by extremist members at the Heritage Foundation, partnering with 100 right-wing organizations.

A February 2024 story in Politico reported that many of the leaders behind this plan are fundamentalist Christian Nationalist political operatives who want to force Americans to follow their extreme religious beliefs.

In March 2024, The Bucks County Beacon reported on a leaked memo titled “Christian Nationalism and The Gospel,” which is terrifying.

The details in the memo are shocking. It’s a call to action for all Americans who value freedom and democracy. Please read the Bucks County Beacon’s story, which includes the memo outlining the Christian Nationalist agenda within the Republican’s Project 2025 plan, but here is a preview of the memo:

WE AFFIRM that applying the core moral principle of each of the Ten Commandments to a nation’s laws, also known as “general equity” (1) reflects to citizens both the perfect righteousness of God and our own sinfulness and shortcomings; (2) secures civil order by restraining evil through protecting the righteous from the wicked; and (3), guides Christians into the good works that God has planned for them, and thus are an essential aspect of keeping the Great Commission in teaching all nations to obey everything Christ commanded.

“WE AFFIRM that God’s Word is authoritative on everything to which it speaks, and we affirm that God’s Word speaks abundantly regarding the nature and importance of civil government and justice.”

Far From the Founding Fathers’ Vision of America

Project 2025 plan and the memo outlining a new Christian Nationalist America are far outside the Founding Father’s vision of the United States.

Many of America’s founders were Deists, who believed in a God that created our world but “did not interfere in the affairs of humankind.”

According to “The 1787 Constitution of the United States never mentions God, the Creator, providence, Jesus, any church denomination or salvation. It is an entirely secular document, followed by the Bill of Rights, which further secularizes American civilization.”

FYI, Cohn has been reporting on the growing Christian Nationalist threat in America for some time. Follow Jenny Cohn on Twitter to keep up with news on this issue.

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