Psycho Pirro Claims President Biden's Dog Snorted Hunter's Cocaine

The joke about Jeanine Pirro has always been that she’s drunk on camera but now it appears she might be suffering from some brain damage.

With the US economy booming, unemployment low and the stock market hitting all time record highs, Fox News’ The Five sunk even lower than usual trying to find something to smear President Biden.

Enter his dog, Commander.

Who knew our national defense rested on the actions of the dog? The poor defenseless Secret Service have been apparently terrorized by Commander.

Enter Pirro, who is also a Fox News certified dog psychiatrist. After reciting a news report about the dog, the woman who failed to prosecute Robert Durst chimed in.

Pirro came to her conclusions after interviewing the entire White House staff and having an extensive one-on-one view with Commander. (Among her many accomplishments is that she’s fluid in dog barking.)
“The dog is living in a dysfunctional environment, she said.

“He’s either getting involved in Hunter’s cocaine, the dime bag, something’s going on or, you know, it’s just a not a happy place –and it’s just a reflection of the environment that he’s in.”

High placed sources in the drug community have told Jeanine Pirro that dime bags are the preferred amounts Hunter and Commander indeed loved to purchase.

There’s always a good time on Fox News to name drop Hunter Biden and mention cocaine in the same breath.

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