Putting patients first: Safeguarding health care from AI risks [PODCAST]

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In this thought-provoking panel discussion, orthopedic surgeon Yoshihiro Katsuura and premedical students Kie Shidara, Maria Llose, and James Schmidt come together to examine the growing influence of artificial intelligence in the health care industry. From the potential benefits of AI-driven efficiency to the concerns surrounding job displacement among physicians, they navigate the delicate balance between technological advancement and patient-centered care. Drawing parallels between AI integration in health care and recent debates in the entertainment industry, the panel offers valuable insights on how health care professionals can advocate for ethical AI usage while prioritizing the well-being of their patients. As the health care landscape continues to evolve, it is crucial for stakeholders to engage in meaningful discussions about the future of medicine and the role of AI in delivering quality care. Join us as we explore the complex intersections of technology, efficiency, and compassion in health care, and discover how professionals can leverage AI to enhance, rather than replace, the human touch in patient care.

Yoshihiro Katsuura is an orthopedic surgeon and author of The Spine Encyclopedia: Everything You’ve Wanted to Know about Back and Neck Pain but Were Too Afraid to Ask. Kie Shidara, Maria Llose, and James Schmidt are premedical students and research coordinators.

He discusses the KevinMD article, “What doctors can learn from actors about artificial intelligence.”

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