Racist Wingnuts Have A Field Day After Joy Reid's 'Hot Mic Moment'

Joy Reid had an unfortunate hot mic moment during Monday night’s The ReidOut, where her mic was hot during clips of President Joe Biden promising to deal with the border if Republicans in Congress would just pass a bill giving him the resources to do it. At the end of the clip, Reid can be heard saying “- starting another fucking war…” on a hot mic with no context around it.

Don’t all of us feel like Republicans are “starting another fucking war” down on the border right now? Isn’t Greg Abbott’s defiance just a way to start Civil War II? And even if she was aiming that at Biden, I’m fairly sure none of us want “another fucking war” anywhere right now, much less on our southern border. She later apologized for the slip, explaining that she was talking to her crew during the clip and her mic was turned on in the middle of it.

Breitbart and the right wing universe jumped right on it. Never mind the utter lack of context. They framed it as Joy Reid taking a dump on Joe Biden during a clip of Joe Biden without any foundation for doing so. They love to hate Joy Reid, and now they had a reason to squawk incessantly, which they did, with some of the ugliest racist crap oozing from their keyboards that I’ve seen in awhile.

In the hellscape known as X (formerly Twitter), they were making her name trend hard.

…And so on.

Do I wish she hadn’t said that on the hot mic? Yep, I do. But I’ve listened to this video over and over again and don’t see where she was referring to Biden. View the entire segment here, where she is talking about Senator Tom Cotton and his band of neocons aching for a full-scale war with Iran, and more. It seems to me she was frustrated with Republicans through the whole thing.

Any way you cut it, there’s no call to be a racist asshole about what she said. Just admit it: No one wants anymore “fucking wars” and it’s not Biden trying to start them.

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