Raskin Blasts DeSantis' Weak A** Response To Musk's Antisemitism

Maryland Democrat Jamie Raskin was not at all impressed with Florida Man Ron DeSantis’ anemic response to Elon Musk’s antisemitic posts on Xitter. Musk is treating his own social site like an abused wife by demeaning it in front of others, then checking back to see if she is still alive after he bashed her up.

“You wanted to weigh in on the interview I just did with Governor DeSantis, specifically, about Elon Musk,” host Jake Tapper said, “What did you want to say?”

“The guy is running for president, and Elon Musk did that on Wednesday. It’s Sunday. This is four days later, and he has not had the chance to read what Elon Musk wrote?” Raskin asked. “That is very hard for me to believe. In any event, you showed it to him, and he still chose to condemn it.”

If you’re serious about condemning and confronting anti-semitism and racism and these bigotries, which are the gateway to destruction of liberal democracy, you have got to be explicit and open and full-throated about it and denounce racism and extremism across the board,” he continued.

“What was your reaction to what Elon Musk wrote?” Tapper asked.

“I thought it was outrageous and dangerous and will be taking action with colleagues this week to write to him, to ask him to renounce those comments and clean up his act,” Raskin said.

“The thing about the white replacement theory, and I’ve got a lot of other topics I want to talk about, white replacement theory and the white genocide, all of that nonsense, that stuff gets people killed at the Tree of Life synagogue shooting, the El Paso shooting, the Buffalo shooting…so, anyway, moving on…”

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