Rebag Unveils Membership Program That Increases Customer Purchasing Power by 27 Percent 

Rebag is offering customers more purchasing power through a new membership program.

The luxury handbag resale platform revealed on Thursday its first-ever membership program, called Rebag+, which will offer customers a lengthy list of benefits that increases their purchasing power by up to 27 percent.

“Our customers are always asking for different ways where they can get the best value out of their purchases,” said Elizabeth Layne, Rebag’s chief marketing officer. “We definitely play on the high end of the market with all of our luxury items on our site, but people still want a good value and this is the way where we can offer that to them. We can give them better pricing and give them a way as long as they’re staying within the Rebag ecosystem to grow their value of the Rebag wallet to be able to purchase more.”

With Rebag+, members will receive 10 percent lower prices on all Rebag items, early access to new arrivals and sales, free shipping and returns and up to 5 percent increased seller offers. 

To join, customers will need to make a minimum contribution of $50 a month or $500 a year, which is fully converted into Rebag+ credit. Rebag will also contribute a 2 percent Rebag+ bonus to members’ contributions, which will ultimately give the member up to 27 percent more to spend within Rebag.

“The main goal is we’re looking for ways to reward our customers,” Layne said. “This will help drive [the] repeat rate over time. I imagine more people staying within the Rebag ecosystem both on the buying side and selling side, making their future luxury purchases within Rebag.”

Rebag’s membership program is the company’s latest initiative to expand its reach. In November, the resale platform partnered with ThredUp for its Resale-as-a-Service program, which allows ThredUp customers to earn Rebag credits by selling through the resale marketplace. 

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