Rep. Byron Donalds Angry With Judge Over Trump's Trial Date

Can you possibly imagine if Democrats were the ones who stormed the Capitol to stop the peaceful transition of power at the urging of Joe Biden? And one Democrat likened the insurrectionists to “tourists.” Then we decided to back Biden for another run in the White House even though he is facing 91 charges and four indictments and had recently been found liable for sexual abuse. He could face the rest of his life in prison, but we said, sure, that’s our guy. Crazy, huh? It would be even crazier if Biden would put us in the position of having an incarcerated President — until he pardons himself.

Well, that’s what we’re dealing with from Republicans, who are feigning victimization. One of those people is Florida MAGA Rep. Byron Donalds. Warning: His interview with Maria Bartiromo on Fox Business will make you all stabby and shit.

“Hunter Biden’s the bad man, but Joe Biden is the actual big guy,” Donalds said. “And that’s what you have here.”

“Compare that with what they’re doing in federal court and in Georgia with Donald Trump, where they have all these weird conspiracy-laden theories to bring indictments,” he continued. “This is nuts.”

“And what this judge in D.C. is doing is worse, because she actually is playing politics,” he falsely said. “To be honest with you, Maria, I’ve never seen a court move this fast to bring a trial.”

“All the way, I’ve seen it move this fast, is that the defendant requests it,” he added. “But that’s not what’s occurred here. She wants to interfere in this election, and she is using her courtroom to do it.”

Donalds is talking about conspiracy theories in the Georgia case even though they have Trump on tape begging for votes.

Fun fact: Erika Donalds, the Florida Republican’s wife, is a Moms for Liberty member, and that’s all you need to know about him.

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