Rep. Comer Still Flogging Criminal Referrals For President Biden

Chairman James Comer spent most of his fifteen minutes with Maria Bartiromo on FOX Business regurgitating insinuation after insinuation against the Bidens even after he has not offered any actual evidence to back up his specious claims.

Rep. Comer sent a letter to the White House inviting President Biden to testify to the House Committee on Oversight and Accountability. As if that would actually happen.

(Wouldn’t be awesome if Trump testified before the January 6th committee, where there is actual evidence and credible testimony of his involvement in the insurrection?)

Bartiromo finally asked what Comer was going to do.

“Preparing criminal referrals,” she asked. “Is that as far as you can go?”

Bartiromo is frustrated as is the MAGA world at large that Comer and Jordan have failed to prove anything.

“What else can you do to get some accountability after all of this information that you say you dug up?” Bartiromo asked?

I think that the two best options moving forward are obviously criminal referrals and then impeachment.

Impeachment still on the table.

There’s still a an overwhelming majority of Republicans in the House of Representatives that agree with me that Joe Biden has committed impeachable offenses.

Now, our confidence level in the Senate is very low, but at the end of the day, the criminal referrals or something that I believe if we don’t have a Department of Justice today, hopefully in a year we will have a Department of Justice that can hold him accountable.

But we’re gonna have the tools in place to hold this family accountable for the criminal wrongdoing that they have committed one way or the other.

Maria tried to pump him up by saying that was “stunning.”

What’s stunning is this continual farce perpetrated by high ranking Republican members of Congress.

MAGA is what MAGA does.

A history note for everyone. Hitler used every crackpot and below average political and military thinker in Germany to form his National Socialist German Worker Party. Of course Adolph hated all things socialist, but he used this ingrates at every turn.

Sound familiar?

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