Rep. Gooden Admits He’s Fine Hurting Americans With Govt Shutdown

Fox Business host Stuart Varney asked Gooden, “where’s the win for Republicans” if the federal government shuts down “and you’ve got chaos?”

Gooden didn’t name a single benefit from shutting down the government. “First of all, I believe we already have chaos,” Gooden replied.

That’s his justification for inflicting even more chaos on America. Gooden claimed his constituents are calling and saying that if the government is not “securing our nation” at the border, then “what difference are we going to see if the government shuts down?”

Well, last I checked, the federal government is providing services at the border, just not to Gooden’s liking. More importantly, the federal government provides services to Gooden’s constituents they will miss in a government shutdown, such as processing passport and visa applications, responding to Social Security inquiries and maintaining national parks. Not to mention the millions of federal employees, including air traffic controllers and postal service workers, whose paychecks will be furloughed. There are surely some of them in his district.

But Gooden couldn’t care less. “This argument that we’ll have this sudden amount of chaos if the government shuts down, really just doesn’t excite me or my constituents because in our mind the government has already shut down at the border,” he added.

In case you needed any more proof that MAGA Republicans are happy to make life worse for Americans for the sake of their own power.

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