Rep. Mace Shrugs Off Trump’s 91 Felony Charges

Rep. Nancy Mace, whose background is in PR, likes to market herself as an iconoclast, even as she votes along GOP party lines. She tried the same ploy on Fox News this week where she boasted about endorsing the 2020 presidential election results and condemning January 6th while she also spouted GOP propaganda BS about Donald Trump’s four (so far) criminal indictments.

Host Neil Cavuto, not a Trumper, reminded Mace that there are currently 91 criminal charges pending against Trump. “They can’t all be politically motivated, can they?” He asked.

“Well, I think most of them are,” Mace said. She didn’t say which ones are not. Instead, she said, “We all know” that the hush money case brought by Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg is “politically motivated. I mean, when I looked at it, most of it is.” Surely Mace knows that motivation has nothing to do with whether or not Trump is guilty.

“But you did condemn his conduct on January 6, you stand by that,” Cavuto interrupted.

“Oh, absolutely 100%,” Mace insisted. She forgot to mention that despite condemning his rhetoric, she voted against Trump’s impeachment

Cavuto pressed. “Would you support him as the nominee of your party with all this?” he asked.

Yes, she would. This profile in thinly-veiled cowardice offered up another load of BS, saying, “It’ll be up to Republican voters” to decide who the nominee will be and that she would support whomever they decide, felon or not, apparently. Then she played the phony independence card, saying, “But, you know, I did vote to certify the Electoral College, I don’t believe the [2020] election was stolen.”

Moments later, Mace regurgitated the false Republican talking point that the Georgia indictment and Trump’s 13 latest felony charges were an attempt to criminalize his innocent speech. “It’s not illegal to question the outcome of an election. That’s not a crime,” she said. It seemed a tell that Mace stumbled over the last sentence.

Cavuto pressed again. “But that’s not what’s at issue here, right? There are other things that are at issue,” he said. He cited Trump’s call to the Georgia secretary of state asking him to “find” enough votes to win the state.

Mace didn’t want to talk about that, so she deflected to attacking the “mainstream media” coverage that, she claimed, was partially retracted.

Unfortunately for Mace, the recording of that call has been released and it’s very clear what Trump was up to, regardless of anything reported or not.

But acknowledging that wouldn’t suit Mace’s PR.

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