Rep. Moskowitz Has Hilarious Response To Comer Calling Him ‘A Smurf’

If you thought Rep. Jared Moskowitz was nursing any hurt feelings after being told he looks like “a Smurf,” by the House Oversight Committee chairman during a hearing last week, think again.

In fact, Moskowitz delivered one funny smackdown against Chairman Comer after another. “Well, first of all, I’m happy to know he knows his primary colors,” Moskowitz told interview host Ben Meiselas. Moskowitz acknowledged he had been wearing a blue suit and blue tie but he called Comer’s remark “an insight into his childhood mind.”

“Quite frankly, he could have called me lots of worse things,” Moskowitz said.

If anything, Moskowitz saw the moment as a victory for himself, a minority freshman getting the goat of a powerful committee chairman. In case you missed it, Moskowitz confronted Comer over a report he loaned his brother $200,000, while in office, despite working to impeach President Biden for loaning his brother the same amount while out of office.

“When he stopped my time. I was like, ‘Oh, God, he took the bait.’” Moskowitz said. Comer could have dismissed Moskowitz’s remarks and refused to engage, “but no, no, no, couldn’t help himself.”

Moskowitz also gloated over the fact that Comer stopped the time, which resulted in the freshman getting more time, and let him close.

Moskowitz stressed he was not accusing Comer of any wrongdoing. “What I am saying and was saying is that the chairman goes on TV time and time again, you know, to Hannity, and all these shows, where he feels comfortable, like a wet blanket [sic], okay?” Moskowitz continued. “And he says, look, when the president was not in office, private citizen, he had loans between his brother, right? And then he tries to paint those loans in a negative light with zero evidence.”

“And so, all I was saying is, look, James also does business with his brother, did business with his brother and land swaps and deals and the other and had LLCs,” Moskowitz added. “And so all I was saying is, it’s very easy basically, to try to paint that in a bad light with no evidence and perhaps maybe the chairman shouldn’t throw stones at glass houses but obviously, boy that got under his skin, man. Oh, my goodness!”

We can only hope Moskowitz brings it up again.

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