Rep. Ronny Jackson's Presser On Immigration Bill Got Really Weird

When news broke out about all of the drugs that were improperly dispensed during Trump’s one term in office, I think a few of us were suspicious of former President Sniffy McAdderrall. There are a few suspicious characters that floated around freely during those four years, like Don Jr., for example. And Rep. Ronny Jackson, who was the White House doctor then.

I’m a former addict, and we sure can spot each other. To be clear, there was an old drug house back in the day that didn’t get as much traffic as the pharmacy at Trump’s White House. At any rate, Rep. Ronny Jackson had a thing or ten to say simultaneously near the bogus impeachment hearing for Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas while also discussing why (who the fuck knows) Republicans are turning down the bipartisan immigration bill that until recently, they feigned to need because it’s good for our country. Because of my past, I’m a bit concerned about whether I can get a contact high just from watching Jackson. He is standing still while going a hundred miles per hour.

Here we go.

“I’d like to just start by, I’m going to reiterate what’s already been said several times, and just to remind everyone that this is a disaster that was engineered and facilitated by Joe Biden and the Biden administration,” Jackson said. “We wouldn’t have this if it weren’t willingly being put into place.”

“I also want to remind the American people, most specifically those that are going to go out and vote in November, that the people that are suffering most from this right now are hardworking, blue-collar Americans that rely on the resources, federal, local, and state resources that are out there to provide roads and schools and hospitals and food and school lunches,” he continued. “Those things are a resource that’s not an indefinite, bottomless resource.”

“Those resources are incredibly stressed right now, and there will come a day soon where those resources are not going to be available,” the Texas Republican said. “It’s already the case right now where a lot of people go to the emergency department, they can’t get sent to the emergency department because there are an overwhelming number of immigrants that are illegally here that are seeking medical care. Taxpayers in this country pay for those resources.”

Deep breath.

“We can’t allow our country to just be wide open to anybody who wants to come here to fall in on those resources and use those resources,” he said. “That’s not a recipe for success for any country in the world, certainly not for us. I want to remind those people that are going to go out and vote that this is going to be a big deal.”

“The Biden administration will tell you day after day that this is ultimately not going to be a big deal and that, somehow, this is good for our country,” Jackson continued. “This is not good for our country. They’re in the process right now of putting together a messaging bill that will give them an opportunity to look like they’re trying to solve this problem when all they’re doing is trying to politically get out of the situation that they put themselves in.”

“But I just want to tell everybody that we’re not going to back down in Texas,” he said. “As a member of the Texas delegation, I stand strong with Texas. I know I’ve talked to a lot of the Border Patrol agents as well. They fully understand what’s going on in Texas.”

“They back what we’re doing in Texas,” he added. “And we will not back down, and the Biden administration will not win this fight.”

Whoa, slow down there, little feller. And return the bottles to the pharmacy. He’s a whole ‘Just say no’ commercial all in one person. Honestly, I hope he gets the help he needs, but I wish he weren’t doing this while backing a coup-inciting dickhead, who was the worst President in recent history.

Am I wrong? Is it me? Or does that man need an entire floor of a rehab ASAP?

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