Republican Accountability Project Unleashes New Ads On Fox

The Republican Accountability Project is led by William Kristol (and don’t think it’s not disorienting to find myself agreeing with him about anything). So let him and his friends make up for the party they created and supported. Via HuffPost:

A conservative group opposed to Donald Trump is putting the former president on blast in a new ad demanding “consequences” for his misdeeds in the White House.

The spot from the Republican Accountability Project, which will run on Fox News in several markets, points out that Trump’s constant lies had many people saying in frustration that “nothing matters.”

[…] “Because in America, the rule of law still matters,” the voice states. “And that’s why Donald Trump has been charged with 91 felonies in four separate cases for attempting to steal an election, falsifying business records and mishandling classified information.”

The group has placed spots on Fox News this week in the key swing-state markets of Phoenix, Milwaukee and Atlanta.

The campaign also includes a video billboard in Times Square showing all of Trump’s 91 criminal indictments.

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