Republican Challenging Rep. Omar: 'Women Have Become Too Mouthy'

Royce White, the Republican candidate challenging Rep. Omar’s MN-5 seat told Steve Bannon’s War Room podcast on Lindell TV that “women have become too mouthy.”

White, an NBA player who Sharpie penned Trump Won on his head earlier this year…

…discussed with Steve Bannon (yeah) how the media are describing MAGA.

Bannon expressed his displeasure with David Ignatius and Joe Scarborough, who correctly frame MAGA as only focusing on conspiratorial cultural issues.

“They continually want to say cultural issues as a code word for rube, white, rural, Christian heterosexual, male, nationalist, that are just focused on their wives being too mouthy,” Bannon said.

“Well, look, let’s just be frank,” Royce said. “Women have become too mouthy — as the black man in the room — I’ll say that.”

“I don’t know whether we’re talking white men or Asian men or black men or so on and so forth, but no, I mean, I’m serious,” he said.

Bannon was trying to elevate Robert Kennedy Jr’s insane anti-vax conspiracies as a new form of politics, but Royce derailed that meme.

It’s not lost on anyone that Rep. Ilhan Omar is a woman too.

Yo Royce, misogynistic attacks on women are not a winning strategy, but since you’re a Trump election fraud denier, the MAGA cult will eat this up.

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