Republicans Primary Choice In Boston District: Woman With Doctorate, Or Nazi?

A tough choice awaits republican voters next week in Boston’s First Suffolk district: a woman with a doctorate who works in social work – or a nazi.

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Republicans in the First Suffolk district (state Sen. Nick Collins’s district) who vote during the March 5 primary will get to decide who represents them on the Republican State Committee – one man and one woman.

On the woman’s side, the candidates are Elizabeth Hinds-Ferrick and Lori Kauffman, both of Dorchester.

Hinds-Ferrick immigrated from Guyana, got a doctorate in law and policy at Northeastern and is currently assistant director at the state Department of Transitional Assistance.

Kauffman, who grew up Jewish, divides her love between Kanye West and Hitler. She wants to exile Jews from the US and blames a Covid-19 shot for giving her stage-4 brain cancer (don’t worry, she says the tumors are now shrinking) . She’s also a transphobe.

She had been running as a ticket with state committeeman candidate and Croke Park owner Daniel Kelly, but now hates him because he publicly supported Israel.

And the tough choice.

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