Republicans Sure Don't Seem To Want Hunter Biden To Testify Publicly

Jinkies, who could have predicted that Hunter Biden’s announcement to agree to testify publicly would send the other side of the aisle running for the hills? I’m pretty sure Hunter Biden’s attorneys predicted that. With a closed-door meeting, Republicans could continue to lie about what just took place without having to back it up. They’re showing their cards by freaking out about transparency.

Rep. Ben Cline (R-VA) is one of the first to prove that it’s not a good idea for them to tell on themselves like this. On Newsmax, Cline suggested that there is something nefarious behind Hunter Biden’s agreement to testify. Cline says Biden wants to stall the impeachment probe into his father, and we’ve yet to determine why President Biden should be impeached.

Well, this committee is trying to get the facts, get to the bottom of the corruption that was going on in the Biden family between Hunter Biden and the rest of the family and exactly follow the money to where it leads, and they’re preparing a report to give to the Judiciary Committee,” Cline insisted. “The Democrats are stalling. They’ve essentially sent the message to Hunter Biden that we will protect you if it’s in public and for show.”

“You won’t have to give any information as you would in a deposition because in a deposition, it takes hours and hours and hours,” he said while not making any sense. “You ask the little questions that won’t be kind of interfered with by counsel for the other side, by members from the other side who just want to play for the cameras.”

“So that’s what this is all about,” Kline added. “It’s about blocking, continuing to block Chairman Comer and this House of Representatives from finding out the facts for the American people.”

I wonder what the weather is like in MAGA World. What color is their sky? Who pissed in their Wheaties? Why are they telling on themselves?

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