Ripple eyes $3 surge amid Solana rise, AI altcoin buzz

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Ripple (XRP) is on the brink of a $3 surge as it navigates through legal challenges. This is amid a broader banking revolution, growing interest in Solana (SOL), and the emerging AI-focused altcoin, InQubeta (QUBE). Despite regulatory hurdles, XRP’s potential growth is buoyed by the crypto market’s expansion and innovations in AI and blockchain scalability.

Ripple’s long-standing battle with the SEC

Ripple has struggled since the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) filed charges against the company. Prices jumped a bit after a US judge ruled XRP wasn’t a security in 2023, but its remaining cases are still pending. 

The possibility of a compromise being reached by both parties appears slim, but Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse has made it clear the company is prepared to fight to the end. 

Ripple getting past its legal issues is expected to lead to prices skyrocketing now that Bitcoin (BTC) spot exchange-traded funds have been approved. Rumors about an XRP ETF are already starting to circulate, and that could lead to trillions in inflows. 

Emerging altcoins to watch for

Emerging crypto InQubeta (QUBE) has already enjoyed 250% price growth since its presale started and has raised over $11.5 million in token sales. The new DeFi project plans to create a more accessible way to invest in artificial intelligence.

Solana has also been one of the most profitable altcoins to buy for the past year, earning investors over 715% returns. The project recently made a major move to improve the scalability and reliability of its network by partnering up with Filecoin (FIL).

InQubeta becomes leading choice 

InQubeta’s decentralized investment space that focuses on AI has made it stand out from other ongoing ICOs. The artificial intelligence industry is expected to transform how the world works and many people would love to have access to some of the startups emerging in the space. 

However, many of them quickly realize gaining access to such opportunities isn’t as easy as it might seem. Many mainstream investment firms have income and net worth requirements.

InQubeta intends to democratize access to such opportunities, freeing up the flow of funds into the artificial intelligence industry. More than $1.5 trillion is expected to enter the AI space in the next several years, positioning InQubeta for considerable growth. 

InQubeta’s investment process

Here’s what InQubeta’s investment process looks like:

  • AI startups that are deemed eligible get access to InQubeta’s NFT marketplace where investment opportunities can be minted into ERC20 coins. These investment opportunities are digitized and fractionalized into smaller units.
  • Investors gain equity and other rewards by buying investment opportunities with QUBE, which can be acquired with fiat or major cryptocurrencies like BTC and ETH.
  • Investors can resell their tokens whenever they choose or hold on to them long-term. They can track the value growth of their tokens through their InQubeta accounts.

XRP eager to shake up legal uncertainty

The growth of XRP’s price has been strongly impacted by its ongoing legal issues with the SEC. The odds of a settlement being reached are dwindling with each passing day. 

However, an investigation is being conducted by William Hinman, a former director of the SEC, into conflicts of interest within the SEC that could impact sentiments toward its ongoing case against Ripple Labs. 

Still, investing in XRP right now might not be a bad idea given how low prices are compared to previous all-time highs (ATHs). 

Solana inching closer toward its ATH

SOL’s price has surged about 36% since the company’s recent integration with Filecoin was announced. Solana was one of the best DeFi projects in 2023 and emerged as the top competitor to the Ethereum network. Given the project’s current growth, there’s a strong chance new highs will be set this year. 


QUBE, SOL, and XRP are on investors’ lists as some of the best cryptos to buy now to earn considerable profits before the year ends. QUBE’s price could surge thanks to its ecosystem making AI investments easier for regular people to access. 

For more information, visit the InQubeta presale or join the InQubeta communities.

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