RNC Rules That Kristina Karamo ‘Properly Removed’ As Michigan GOP Chair

The soap opera in Michigan with the Republican Party continues. Kristina Karamo is rejecting what the RNC is saying though, and vowing to stay on.

Source: Bridge Michigan

LANSING — Kristina Karamo was “properly removed” as chair of the Michigan Republican Party this month, according to an initial review by the Republican National Committee.

But the national party is not yet recognizing Pete Hoekstra as the new state party chair despite a separate vote, RNC General Counsel Michael Whatley wrote Wednesday in a letter to both Karamo and Hoekstra.

That’s because “additional information could conceivably come to light which changes (the RNC Counsel’s Office) view,” Wheatley wrote in the letter, obtained by Bridge Michigan.

The letter marks the RNC’s first public response to the ongoing Michigan GOP leadership dispute, which has rocked the state party amid dueling claims by competing factions, cease and desist letters and a lawsuit.

The response comes as the RNC, led by former Michigan GOP Chair Ronna McDaniel, plans to convene next week in Las Vegas for its annual winter meeting, set from Jan. 30 to Feb. 3.

Interestingly though, because the RNC is unable to rule conclusively on the matter, neither Karamo or Hoekstra will be given voting rights at the RNC meeting, though both are free to attend. Confused yet? Yeah, so is everyone.

The RNC’s lawyers say one thing…

Kristina Karamo disagrees.

And he courts will still have to weigh in because she’s not leaving.

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