Robin Vos: How Dare Education Lead To Critical Thinking!

Wisconsin Speaker Robin Vos hasn’t tried to hide the fact that he absolutely hates Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. This was evidenced by his holding tens of thousands of families hostage over it.

But does Vos even know what Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion is? Apparently not. On Sunday morning, when he ought to have been in church, Vos posted a tweet in an effort to explain his oppostion to DEI. He said that the “real agenda” of the left was to “Controlling what young people think and telling them only a single belief system is acceptable is their true goal.”

He offers a link to a news story from California as proof of his allegation. What he is scared of, though, is that children will learn critical thinking and be able to identify misinformation on social media:

California passed a new law that will mandate K-12 students to learn media literacy as part of their modules plan.

The bill is designed to help students develop skills in identifying false information online amid a worrying rise in distrust in the media.

Signed into law by California Gov. Gavin Newsom in October, Bill No. 873 requires media literary content to be incorporated into the mathematics, science, and history-social science curriculum frameworks.

I’ll be honest with you – I don’t have a clue on how Vos figures DEI is related to critical thinking, unless DEI is the new CRT, and used by the right as a general catch-all term to stand for all their bogeymen.

But it easy to understand why Vos would be against teaching children critical thinking and misinformation identification. It would be a lot more difficult to indoctrinate these kids if they could pick out the lies. And Vos has been known to tell plenty of lies. One of the most recent is Vos getting busted trying to say that a children’s hospital does transgender procedures on kids as young as three years old.

Could you just imagine what it would do to Republican politicians from across the country if they could no longer lie freely? Why, it could be the complete restoration of democracy and people’s rights! The thought of that happening would keep the likes of Vos awake at night.

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