Robyn Lynch Fall 2024 Ready-to-Wear: Irish Dance Reinterpreted

Robyn Lynch turned to her younger sister Adrianna’s career as a professional Irish dancer, and the rhinestoned, over-the-top outfits worn during Fèis, the Gaelic dance championships, as a source of inspiration for fall 2024.

The references were kept at a subtle level. They came in the form of diamante miniskirts worn under a loose sweater, and an oversized sweater that read “Fèis mom” in fading letters. According to Lynch, it was a satirical comment on those who spend up to 4,000 pounds on dance outfits for their children but have no money to buy new clothes for themselves.

Lynch’s upcycled capsule with the Italian brand C.P. Company was a major attraction this season as well. Deadstock C.P. Company garments were deconstructed and reassembled through the lens of Lynch, while keeping the original design’s functionality.

In one design, she embedded the knitwear into the design, and C.P. Company’s signature goggles built into the hoods of jackets were laser printed with Celtic embroidery.

“I wanted to reshape them into our silhouette. Normally they’re quite fitted. I wanted to make them have a boxy, cropped feel. I also changed around the position of the logo with the badge,” said Lynch.

The designer also collaborated with Geox on a series of prototypes that embodied the dad shoes trend.

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