Roger Marshall Admits He Was Blindly Smearing China

Sen. Roger Marshall (R-KS) admitted on Sunday that he was sharing controversial information about China even though federal officials had not briefed him.

During an interview on Fox News, host Maria Bartiromo claimed that China was sending “largely military-aged men” to cross into the United States through the southern border.

Marshall claimed that China was “making fentanyl precursors” for production in Mexico.

Over the last five years, this Chinese triad has monopolized money laundering,” Marshall opined. They have that down to an art now. And now we’re seeing this explosion of massage parlors, which the Chinese triad is running.”

“Tell me about these massage parlors,” Bartiromo asked.

“Right, so we have more massage parlors than we do Starbucks now in Kansas,” Marshall complained. “And certainly I think that can be said in most every state. So this Chinese triad, I mean, they are sophisticated.”

“So you’re gonna see massage parlors spring up, and then next to them might be a restaurant, it might be a hair salon, a nail salon, those types of things,” he continued. “But the Chinese triad has become an expert at money laundering, and we’re gonna see this organized crime just grow and grow and grow.”

“I mean, is the FBI and the CIA aware of all of this?” Bartiromo pressed.

“Maria, I have no idea,” Marshall admitted. “To be honest, I have not been briefed. DHS has not briefed us on this. So this is from my sheriff’s officers. This is from the local Kansas Bureau of Investigation.”

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