Ron Johnson Goes Off The Deep End In Defense Of Trump

Senator Ron Johnson (Q-Moscow) sat down for an interview with News Nation. In the interview, RoJo started becoming histrionic as he talked about the trials that Trump is currently in or will soon be facing.

Absolutely. The Attorney General, the District Attorney that’s prosecuting this case, they both basically ran on a platform that they were going to get Trump. That’s not the way that our judicial system ought to work where we’re targeting individuals and then can prosecute him, indict him, on completely spurious charges. So, this is without a doubt a travesty. It is election interference. Can you imagine if there’s a Republican jurisdiction that was prosecuting President Biden at this point in time, the nominee of the Democrat Party. Let’s just make up a crime of aiding and abetting the murders and rapes perpetrated by illegal migrants that Biden has let into this country through the open border. So, can you imagine if there was a Republican jurisdiction indicting the president on aiding and abetting those murders and rapes? Can you imagine what the news coverage would be about that?

Well, most district attorneys – actually most Republican politicians, including RoJo – run on a platform of being tough on crime, even when they’re not, such as in RoJo’s case. And yes, district attorneys and attorney generals are supposed to go after the criminals and take them to trial. That’s why they are called prosecutors.

Furthermore, RoJo is way off base calling these charges spurious. Trump has already been found guilty of fraud. Trump has already been found liable for rape (yes, RoJo, rape is sexual assault). Trump was found to have classified documents in the shitter at Mar-A-Lago, and there’s plenty of evidence that he tried to hide them from law enforcement officers.

Lastly, there was a Republican jurisdiction that tried to prosecute Biden on made up charges. That jurisdiction is called Congress. They tried to find dirt on Biden and failed miserably.

Why RoJo is having these histrionics at this time is not known. He could simply be putting his party before the country, something that he has done time and time again. Perhaps RoJo is getting nervous about the election interference trials because he knows that his role in the whole thing will be exposed. Or perhaps it’s simply that Putin’s check cleared so he’s just earning his money from Mother Russia.

I suppose it really doesn’t matter, but his acting like an even greater imbecile than normal is getting tiresome.

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