Ronna McDaniel Is Deleting Tweets After Getting Gig With NBC

What a profile in courage Ronna McDaniel, whose last name was Romney until Donald Trump made her change it because her uncle hurt his feewings, is. Deleting tweets is nothing new for Ronna. In 2020, she deleted a tweet that admitted that Donald Trump had lost the 2020 election.

And she’s deleting more tweets now that she got a gig on MSNBC and NBC as a political analyst. So, MSNBC is rewarding her even though she should be in prison for her part in the fake electors’ scheme to overturn the 2020 election.

Democrats and Republicans are blasting the former RNC chairwoman on Xitter. Ron Filipkowski of Meidas Touch caught Ronna deleting a “bunch” of old tweets. Now, there is only one tweet left that mentions Biden, and nothing about abortion.

Even Trump supporters are going for her jugular:

The news isn’t going down very well.

MSNBC could have picked a better political analyst like Catturd, George Santos, Candace Owens, Ginni Thomas or Lauren Boebert. When CNN took a rightward turn, I switched to MSNBC, and now the network pulls this stunt. She can delete her entire Xitter account and never get the Trump stink off of her.

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