Roundup Of Dumb Rednecks

Trae Crowder, the Liberal Redneck takes a look at the dumb redneck news of the week. He starts out with how the Republicans ended up with borscht on their face when their star witness in the Biden case was a natural born liar with Russian ties. Maybe they thought his last name is Smirnov because his parents just really, really liked vodka. Crowder also ponderes what bullshit the Russians might feed to the Republcians next, like Biden growing Mexicans in a secret lab and then making them all trans.

Crowder touches on the idle threat of a handful of truckers threatening to break the world economy by refusing to bring a couple of truckloads of Depends or whatever to New York City..

And lastly, Crowder talks about how Alabama doesn’t want any IVF babies since they might turn out to be intelligent or something. I just wonder if that also means that already born and grown test tube babies, like Mike Pence’s son, are also banned from the state.

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