Rudy Giuliani Caught At Scene Of Alleged Gilgo Beach Serial Killer

The embittered and embattled former Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani was spotted chatting with police at the Massapequa Park home of suspected serial killer architect Rex Heuermann.

The New York Post reports that the shoe-polishing former mayor stayed inside his car and asked the police how close he could get the suspect’s home.

Corbin Bolies writes, “The drive-by was for the ex-mayor’s “America’s Mayor Live” online show, an adviser told the Post. How Giuliani plans to use his “reporting”—when he didn’t even leave his vehicle—is unclear.”

Rudy is still battling to keep his law licenses after filing many false complaints of voter fraud and helping to promote the Big Lie after Trump lost the 2020 election.

As Atrios notes, “Consider the judgment of the people (political journalists) who elevated this guy to sainthood.

If I were to act like the right-wing victim machine, if I saw this story I’d make a conspiracy theory out of this.

Has Rudy ever been in contact with Rex Heuermann? Was Rudy somehow involved in the murders? Is Heuermann a Trump supporter?

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