Russian Asset Ron Johnson Praises Putin, Says He Won't Lose

Russian asset and US Senator Ron Johnson went on Real America’s Voice to sing paeans to Russian President Vladimir Putin and said that he will not lose the war in Ukraine:

Our policy should be focused on how to bring Vladimir Putin to the table. I think the Tucker [Carlson] interview was very interesting. Again, Putin is a war criminal. He’s obviously not telling you the whole truth. He’s certainly not talking about his atrocities in Ukraine. But an awful lot of what Putin said was right. I mean we are cutting off our noses to spite our faces with some of these sanctions. The greatest threat to America in terms of debt and deficit is no longer being the world’s reserved currency. Well, these sanctions are making that day come sooner. as Russia is beginning to figure out trade in dollars and trade in the Chinese currency. So listen very carefully to that Tucker interview. Understand, take things with a grain of salt, but a lot of points that Vludimir Putin made were accurate. They’re obvious. And so many of our people here in Washington, DC, are just ignoring that. Making people believe that Ukraine can win. Ukraine can’t….Putin won’t lose. Putin will not lose. He’s not going to lose. The expect to the reality if you’re going to deal with this thing effectively to bring this war to an end.

Is anyone else having a flashback to July 4, 2018, when RoJo and seven other Republican senators celebrated America’s birthday in Mother Russia with Putin? And then as soon he returned to the United States, he started saying how we should drop all the sanctions against Russia?

RoJo was defintely getting on the creepy side with all that malarkey about how Putin will not lose. I wasn’t sure if I was listening to a fanboy or a cult member, but something sure got into him.

Also, you would think that RoJo, who has money invested all around the world, including China, would realize that people are trading in different currencies all the time. Does he really think that Russia, the long time enemy of the United States, has always been trying to undermine the US economy. Whatever happened to the GOP motto of “Better dead than red” anyway?

It would not be surprising that after this little performance by RoJo that he gets another visit from the FBI to advice him he’s being a Russian asset again.

If RoJo feels that strongly about Putin, I personally volunteer to help pack up his stuff to move to Mother Russia. I’m sure that the Democrats wouldn’t have the same problem getting a candidate to run for his seat.

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