Russian Stooges In House GOP Can't Quit Impeaching Biden

The biggest story of the week, the month, and perhaps the rest of 2024 should be the fact that Republicans predicated their entire impeachment inquiry of President Joe Biden on information provided to them by an agent of the Russian government.

Instead, yet another Russian incursion into American politics directly facilitated by Republican officials is falling flat.

Let’s take a moment to review the situation with national security expert and ABC News analyst Asha Rangappa, who tweeted, “For real, can we recap: Sitting members of Congress initiated IMPEACHMENT PROCEEDINGS against a U.S. President based on information passed to them by an agent of Russian intelligence. Same members refuse to pass aid to Ukraine. Same members defend Trump.”

It’s not just that congressional Republicans like House Oversight Committee Chair James Comer and veteran GOP Sen. Chuck Grassley of Iowa spouted disinformation from a Russian mole: It’s that the claim made by the Russian mole was laughable on its face.

As The Bulwark’s Tim Miller recounted on “The Next Level” podcast, “This idea that Joe Biden is a master criminal, and he has like a web of bank accounts that are so … complex … it would take the FBI and the CIA 10 years to unravel Joe Biden—Joseph Robinette Biden’s scheme?”

Miller recalled thinking, no way, “This is crazy.”

But not congressional Republicans. They made the claims of FBI informant Alexander Smirnov central—indeed, indispensable—to their case against Biden. 

In May, Comer told Fox News his committee was demanding the FBI release information it had gleaned from Smirnov.

“This is a very crucial piece of our investigation,” Comer said.

Grassley took to the Senate floor to pressure the FBI to release the FD-1023 form supposedly detailing “a criminal bribery scheme” that included President Biden and his son, Hunter. Grassley claimed that information came from “a highly credible, long serving FBI confidential human source.” 

Oops, just kidding. 

But now that Smirnov has been indicted and revealed as a Russian agent, Republicans are trying to triage their impeachment inquiry instead of backing away from their disgraced probe of an American president whom they are smearing for political gain.

Comer told Newsmax Wednesday that Smirnov “wasn’t an important part” of their investigation “because I didn’t even know who he was.”

Republicans are also scrubbing references of Smirnov from their investigatory materials, according to reporting from The New Republic’s Tori Otten. 

Totally absent from this Republican debacle is any sense of contrition for their roles serving as stooges of the Kremlin in spreading a mountain of lies about a sitting U.S. president.

Comer, Grassley, and others should be fighting off calls for their resignations after betraying the country.

Instead, the impeachment show must go on for Republicans. Otherwise they will have no means by which to uncover and spread more Russian disinformation about their political rival, Joe Biden.  

Democratic voters know Joe Biden is old and MAGA voters like to pretend that Trump isn’t just as long in the tooth. Both men were old the last time we did this and the only thing that’s changed is Biden is now a successful incumbent, while Trump is busy juggling trials and indictments.

Republished with permission from Daily Kos.

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