Sandy Liang Fall 2024 Ready-to-Wear: The Downtown Cool Girl Returns to the Office 

Sandy Liang’s cool-girl aesthetic received a mature update for fall 2024, with the collection offering an array of office-appropriate styles that still embodied the designer’s downtown design codes. 

Liang explained the collection was broken up into three sections, starting with looks inspired by “Upper East Side corporate” style, like matching suit jackets and pencil skirts, then progressing to casual styles like knitted turtlenecks and silk maxiskirts, ending with Liang’s take on “the new princess,” which she was inspired to create based on Japan’s Princess Mako and the late Princess Diana. 

“I remember being so inspired when I saw Princess Diana’s wedding gown when I was in London a few years ago at an exhibit,” Liang said during a preview. “It was so cool — no one gets married like that anymore. Obviously it was of a time, but it was so princess and it was really radical for me to see this other type of princess.” 

For the princess-inspired pieces, Liang stuck to her ultrafeminine design codes for styles including silk jacket-like dresses, Marie Antoinette-inspired pouf skirts and romantic bow and rosette-detailed dresses that were modern and unfussy.

Liang’s corporate looks showed her ability to bring her cool girl aesthetic into other types of dressing via her take on officewear with jacket dresses, tweed sets, relaxed suits with bow details and updated dress shirts.

Liang also offered new versions of her popular accessories. Her classic ballet flats were leveraged for her first boots and she introduced her first collection of leather bags. 

The season marks the brand’s 10th anniversary. Liang humbly acknowledged the milestone, marveling at how its following has evolved over the decade. 

“Ten years is such a long time, but also a big part of me still feels like I’m learning constantly,” she said. “I’ve never been that person to be like my three-year goal, my five-year goal or whatever. I just take it day by day. I’m just really happy that people have started to reconcile like ‘this is a Sandy girl,’ or ‘that’s not a Sandy girl.’ That’s really cool for me that I’ve built up this language in a way.”

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