Scarborough Warns: 'They're Coming For Contraception Next'

Morning Joe panelists were really riled up about the new IVF ruling in Alabama, the effect on the Republican party — and the predicted damage to women.

“If you look at Kellyanne Conway’s poll that was just cited that Michael brought up, it’s like an 80%, maybe an 85% issue, and you have pro-Trump activists out there now talking about contraception,” Joe Scarborough said.

“Like, they’re not going to end by taking away one right of women that has been constitutionally protected for 50 years. It goes from that to 10-year-old rape victims to IVF, and you watch, they’re saying it, they’re telling you, Thomas, JusticeThomas said it, they’re coming for contraception next. They’ll lie, but that’s what their activists want to do.

“These radical, radical right-wing activists have infiltrated the Alabama Supreme Court. They will infiltrate another court, and you watch, Griswold v. Connecticut and the right for women to have contraception, that’s coming down the road if this continues, if Donald Trump supporters have their way,” he predicted.

Well, yes. If there’s one thing that you can say about the radical extremists who run the Republican Party, they always talk openly about their goals. It’s just that now Christian Nationalists are the only solid base they have left (there really aren’t enough billionaires to dictate anything but tax policy) and they have to deliver.

Guess what they’re talking about now?

Taking away women’s right to vote. Because the man is the head of the Christian household, damn it!

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