SCOTUS Enables Trump's Effort To Delay Justice

In unbelievable breaking news, Trump’s friends and lackeys on the Supreme Court of the United States have defied all logic and common sense by granting Trump’s request that they review his claims of presidential immunity. Adding insult to injury, SCOTUS is also obviously ignoring Special Counsel Jack Smith’s request to expedite the matter by taking weeks just to decide to look at the case:

But the fact that they delayed even this order, this order that basically just says we’re going to take it up, that they delayed it for two weeks, suggests that they certainly did not embrace the urgency that Special Counsel Jack Smith tried to impose upon them way back in December when Jack Smith went to the Supreme Court and said, justices, please take up this case now so that we can get a clear answer.

This is yours to answer.

And then, you know, once the D.C. Circuit, once the Supreme Court said, no, we’re not coming in and the D.C. Circuit ruled, you know, that was another several weeks.

So President Trump’s, former President Trump’s effort to run the clock has a partner in the Supreme Court at this point, even though, Jake, probably in the end, the justices will agree with the D.C. Circuit and say, and reject President, former President Donald Trump’s claim of absolute immunity. But what good will that do for any kind of trial before we’re really into the heat of this next presidential election? .

This is clearly payback from the “justices” that Trump appointed, not to mention the absolutely corrupt husband and wife crime team of the Thomases. Given who these people are and how they operate I don’t have any faith in them making the right decision. And even if they do, it will surely be so late as to throw the election and the other trials into chaos.

This court is about as supreme as Billy Joe Jim Bob is close to being part of a supreme race.

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