Sean Hannity Told New York's GOP To Hold On To George Santos

Hey whatever excuses Republicans make for their loss this week in NY03, just remember…


Via Media Matters, Sean told his radio listeners that HE told New York House Republicans to hold on to the reliable Republican vote from…George Santos.

SEAN HANNITY (HOST): Until this election cycle, I frankly had not heard of Mazi Pilip. We put her on the show, see if we can give her a chance to win. A lot of friends of mine cared a lot about the race. And with the small margin of majority that the Republicans have on the House, they can ill afford to lose that seat.

Now, what I had told the New York delegation when I met some of them at the town hall that I did with the new speaker at the time, Speaker Johnson, I brought this subject up with them unsolicited. And I said, “Guys, unless somebody’s convicted, I don’t think you should be in the business of rushing to judgment and especially with the limited margin you have, kicking out a reliable Republican vote.” That would have been Santos. I don’t know.

It’s adorable that Sean Hannity, recording his show from his Florida tax haven basement, pretends to care if the Republicans are in the minority or not. Joe Biden is not giving you a tax cut, Sean.

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