Sen. Katie Britt Bemoans 'Two Tiered System Of Justice' For Trump

Sen. Katie Britt hasn’t learned a thing since her over the top State of the Union rebuttal. She’s still really bad at the dramatics, and still a shameless liar.

Britt made an appearance on this Monday’s Fox & Friends, and was asked by host Lawrence Jones about the Manhattan election interference trial, which was about to start jury selection at the time of her interview, and Britt proceeded to lie about why Trump was never charged at the federal level, ignoring the interference in the case from Barr’s Justice Department, played the pity card for Trump, claiming he’s the victim rather than the beneficiary of a “two tiered system of justice,” and tried to paint the United States as some third world hellhole under Biden.

JONES: So, Senator, you’re a legislator, but you’re also a lawyer. Do you feel like the president can get a fair trial here in New York?

BRITT:No, I mean, look at what we’re seeing. This is the left continuing to melt down over Donald Trump. They are obsessed.

I mean, there is a reason both the federal prosecutors and state prosecutors said, we are not going to move forward with this, and then you have Alvin Bragg enter into the arena and want to make a name for himself.

People know that. People are sick of the two tiered system of justice that we’re seeing. And I think that the more the media can talk about this, which we’re going to see them do, then the less they have to talk about what a disaster this country is under Joe Biden. They know people want Donald Trump back in the White House and they absolutely cannot stand it.

JONES: It’s the perfect transition, Senator, because you got the political ramifications of this, you’ve got the legal ramifications, but you also got the calendar, and the president is making the argument that it’s election interference, because he can’t be on the campaign trail, if you’ve got this calendar full of days that he has to be in court. I mean, just look at it from today to May, November. I mean, when will he get the campaign if he’s in the courtroom?

BRITT: That’s exactly it. And the thing is, they know that people want Donald Trump back. They know they want the policies back. I mean, look at what’s happening on the country right now, whether it’s our border, whether it’s abroad or whether it’s how far your dollar goes at home.

It is a complete and total disaster under Joe Biden. So we need Donald Trump out there giving that message and obviously bringing more people in, and they know that when that happens, he’s going to win in November and they absolutely cannot stand it.

So we’ve got to get him back out there, get this wrapped up and save our country.

The Maddow blog posted a reminder on Xitter as to why we never saw the feds charge Trump.

None of the information on how corrupt the DOJ was under Trump, why this case was never charged by the feds and why it was delayed for so long at the state level, and all the dirty dealings that went on with Trump and Barr trying to make sure this case never saw the inside of a courtroom will never make their way onto Fox, of course. Instead it’s more segments like this one lying that Trump did nothing wrong and the left is supposedly just out to get him.

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