Shiba Inu rebounds after Shibarium fix; this project threatens its limelight

Shiba Inu (SHIB) is resilient after implementing the Shibarium fix, bolstering the team’s resolve. Meanwhile, InQubeta (QUBE) is drawing more attention than Shiba Inu. 

As these projects compete, InQubeta’s features could propel it as one of the best crypto investment platforms for investors to explore. 

This artificial intelligence (AI) portal can bridge AI startups and investors. As it finds adoption, more people are actively examining QUBE, its native token, in the ongoing presale.

Let’s discuss how InQubeta is a stiff competitor for Shiba Inu.

InQubeta unveils the potential of QUBE 

InQubeta challenges Shiba Inu’s prominence as one of the best crypto investment options for portfolio diversification. A new crowdfunding model is being introduced that pioneers fractional investment in AI startups of which QUBE plays a critical role. 

This approach involves transforming each asset into a non-fungible token (NFT) and breaking them into smaller parts, allowing investors to customize their investments according to their budget while also taking advantage of the benefits of being an early adopter.

InQubeta is also expanding its footprint in crypto by launching an NFT marketplace for AI startups. This platform allows these startups to raise funds and showcase reward and equity-based NFTs. Additionally, QUBE holders can invest in the projects of their choice, creating an ecosystem that benefits all stakeholders involved.

QUBE is often considered one of the best decentralized finance (defi) tokens investors can explore over SHIB because of its deflationary mechanics. 

The platform has a 2% buy-and-sell tax dedicated to a burning wallet. An additional 5% tax contributes to a dedicated reward pool. This setup allows QUBE holders to stake their tokens. Holding and staking QUBE offers investors the potential for price growth and the chance to earn rewards from the dedicated pool.

In addition, as a governance token, QUBE empowers holders to play an active role in shaping platform decisions. This grants QUBE holders the capacity to suggest, deliberate, and cast votes on matters spanning the platform’s evolution, functioning, and future trajectory. Demand for QUBE has surged with the increasing involvement of investors and startups on the InQubeta platform. 

InQubeta also offers services that have piqued the interest of whales looking to boost their portfolio. The platform nurtures AI tech startups through mentorship from industry experts, access to diverse funding avenues, legal and accounting support, strategic guidance, and networking opportunities. This comprehensive support infrastructure aids startups in overcoming challenges, supporting their growth in the AI sector.

Shibarium: fund withdrawals resume 

Shiba Inu, the project behind Shibarium, the dedicated layer-2 blockchain, recently announced the resumption of fund withdrawals through their bridge. Despite months of development, Shibarium’s Aug. 16 launch faced scalability issues due to a transaction surge.

There were more issues with the bridge that connected users to Ethereum, prompting the team to temporarily halt both the Shibarium mainnet and the bridge to address and rectify these concerns. 

As of the early hours of Aug. 28, the team confirmed the relaunch of Shibarium and the resumption of the bridge, ensuring the security of all funds.


InQubeta’s model can reshape the narrative in crypto, competing with Shiba Inu, whose launch of Shibarium faced challenges. 

With its NFT marketplace, InQubeta aims to drive innovation in crypto. The ongoing presale allows investors to participate in the crypto AI revolution. 

InQubeta is in its third presale stage, with QUBE priced at $0.0112. It has so far raised over $2.4 million and sold more than 293 million tokens.

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