Shorter Hannity: Fine! Fine! Trump Is Fine!

So Sean Hannity had on desperately trying to appear sober Ronnie Jackson last night to talk about how Trump is totally not in cognitive decline, okay!?!

Because that should be a topic on Fox Primetime when it’s not true, not at all, why is anyone even suggesting such a thing?

They keep bringing up Trump’s amazing brain power the way he himself keeps bringing up the Pee Tape. I mean, really, why?

JACKSON: I’m assuming now if you go up this you get a presidential Jell-O cup. I don’t know what’s going on, but it’s sad, Sean. It’s very dangerous, and we’ve got to do something about it, and I think the big difference between when you and I first started talking about this and now is that the Democrats are in damage control right now. They are frantic. They realize that they have made this mistake. They put this man in office and expected him to be our president for four years, and he’s not going to make it four years, I don’t think, and he’s certainly not going to make it another four years and now they are desperately trying to figure out, what do they do about this?

HANNITY: I mean, you can make a comparison, by the way, the media, for example, the USC-Clemson game was this weekend, they showed up, especially at halftime, they went on, went out, right to midfield, I mean, you could hear the crowd just, you know, raving for Trump, and, by the way, media defines this as booing. Dr. Jackson, i’ve interviewed President Trump extensively for hours at a time, and I can tell you, he’s as sharp now as he was when I knew him 30 years ago. There is no decline. Zero. He makes one little mistake the media goes insane. We have about 20 seconds.

JACKSON: Sean, he’s incredibly sharp. He’s got a better memory than I have, you have. Biden could not walk out on that field, much less get a roaring applause like President Trump did. We’ve got big issues.

HANNITY: Thank you. Unfortunately, that’s all the time we have left.


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