Shorter Kilmeade: GOP Should Be Vague About Abortion

Republicans keep telling on themselves, especially about abortion. It used to be that Republicans blamed everything, including hurricanes, on the gays. Welp, it’s about abortion now. I just watched an old-ish clip of Rep. Mike Johnson before he was the House Speaker blaming any potential Social Security cuts on abortion. The point is that they aren’t telling the truth about abortion. It’s about control.

Just ask Fox News host Brian Kilmeade, who doesn’t want Republicans saying the quiet part out loud after playing a clip of vice-President Kamala Harris blaming the former President for overturning Roe. “He’s proud of what he did,” Harris said.

“Kayleigh, as a communicator, you are among the best,” Kilmeade said. “If Republicans now have two years to message the right to life and being pro-life in a country that is not majority pro-life. How do you do that, hold onto your values, and at the same time win elections?

Notice how Kilmeade admitted that pro-lifers are not a majority in this country. For her part, McEnany seemed upset that Harris is focused on abortion. McEnany said pro-life Americans are “pro-mother” and “show compassion on the issue.”

Lady, tell that to the 10-year-old rape victim your people tried to force to have a baby. We’ve seen your form of “compassion” before.

Kilmeade doesn’t want Americans to know the truth. Well, he’s on the right network for that.

“So don’t get into the weeks talk, don’t talk about how many weeks, six or 12, message it pro-mother and how about this?” he asked. “When Nikki Haley said, a lot of people backed, I wonder how you feel when she said, “Why are we talking about a national ban? It’s never going to get there.” There is not 60 votes in the Senate that want a national ban ever.”

Lies are all they have. This is so insulting.

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