SlowMist founder ‘Mr. Cos’ shares expert insights on wallet signature security

SlowMist founder Yu Xian has shared invaluable insights on identifying wallet signature security, urging users to equip themselves with knowledge and practical skills to navigate the complexities of securing their assets.

Addressing the clamor for guidance on wallet signature security, Xian — known in social media circles as Mr. Cos — offered many resources and tools to aid users in their quest for safety. 

From scouring his historical posts on X discussing signature security to delving into the extended reading of his “DarkHandBook” on GitHub, the SlowMist founder encouraged users to engage in comprehensive research.

Browser wallet security extensions

However, acknowledging the learning curve and the practical limitations many face, Xian recommended leveraging browser wallet security extensions like Scam Sniffer, Pocket Universe, and Wallet Guard. 

For mobile users, the security researcher’s endorsement extended to Rabby Wallet, which he lauded for its user-friendly interface and robust security features. Notably, the SlowMist founder emphasized the efficacy of installing the Rabby extension on computer browsers and underscored the reliability of hardware wallets such as Keystone, OneKey, and imKey.

Highlighting the importance of combining complementary security measures, Xian advocated for a firewall to fortify the integrity of users’ wallets. He recommended combinations like TokenPocket + KeyPal and MetaMask + Keystone, with the overarching principle remaining the same: bolstering security through layers of defense.

Despite the availability of sophisticated security tools, the SlowMist founder underscored the paramount importance of self-empowerment in mastering security technologies. 

According to him, naked-eye analysis, which he considers often more potent than automated solutions, coupled with ongoing education, is invaluable in safeguarding against potential threats.

In a poignant reminder, Xian cautioned against fixating solely on financial gains while dealing with crypto, advocating instead for prioritizing safety education.

80% of X comments are phishing scams

In late January, SlowMist raised the alarm over the prevalence of phishing scams on X after analyzing the social platform.

SlowMist’s analysis uncovered a concerning trend, with its investigation revealing that more than 80% of comments under posts from reputable crypto projects were linked to phishing scams.

According to the cybersecurity firm, scammers have been actively acquiring accounts on X for fraudulent purposes.

The company said these accounts are often sold on platforms like Telegram, where there’s a thriving market for such transactions.

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