Solana at breakout point, bulls eyeing $150

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Solana (SOL) and Galaxy Fox (GFOX) are trending. This article discusses Solana’s position and looks into Galaxy Fox’s potential.

Solana to $150?

Solana offers fast and efficient transactions. 

Its defi scene is also growing, with over $1.57 billion locked in. Moreover, the platform has processed over $2.1 billion of stablecoin transfers as NFT activity spikes.

From this spike in activity, Solana has generated $591,416 in fees and posted over $850 million in trading volume. 

At present valuation, Solana has a market cap of over $40 billion. However, this will rise should SOL rise to $150, as analysts predict.

Exploring Galaxy Fox and its presale

Galaxy Fox is in Stage 7 of its presale, with GFOX available for $0.00198. 

The project has raised over $3.1 million and sold more than 2.5 billion GFOX. 

In Stage 8, GFOX will be offered for $0.002178. 

Galaxy Fox combines crypto with a web3 endless runner game. 

Players can earn GFOX based on their in-game performance, and limited-edition Galaxy Fox NFTs are also available. 

GFOX holders can stake in the Stargate module, earning 2% of all ecosystem transactions and enjoying the benefits of residual income. 


Solana and Galaxy Fox are increasingly popular. Some investors believe Solana could rally to $150. Others see potential in Galaxy Fox due to its approach and presale performance.

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