'Something's Wrong, Folks': Biden Comes To Defense Of Election Workers

President Joe Biden on Monday suggested the lives of election workers were “at risk” because of Donald Trump’s MAGA movement.

While speaking at the National Association of Counties Legislative Conference, the president called on officials to keep moving forward.

“We’re just getting started, folks. We’ve got to keep moving. We have to defend our democracy,” Biden said. “To all the county election workers in America, thank you.”

“I never thought I’d have to say this to anybody, but thank you for your physical courage,” he continued. “Thank you for your courage and your service to your community. The idea that I ever thought I’d be standing before over 1,000 county officials and having to thank somebody for being an election worker because they’re putting their life at risk.”

“Something’s wrong, folks. We’ve got to change this, we’ve got to change the attitude in this country.”

Some election workers — like Ruby Freeman and Shaye Moss — received death threats after Donald Trump lost the 2020 presidential contest.

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