Space Karen: Come For The Anti-Semitism, Stay For Pizzagate

So Elon Musk returned from the Middle East to inspect the devastation in Israel from the Hamas attack, and immediately pivoted to Pizzagate, as one does:

Elon Musk voiced support Tuesday for Pizzagate, the long-debunked conspiracy theory that led a man to fire a rifle inside a Washington, D.C., restaurant in 2016.

[…] Musk’s post was the latest in what has become a string of tweets in which Musk boosted debunked theories and comes just one day after he visited Israel to try to tamp down anger over an explosion of antisemitism on X that has caused a growing number of advertisers to flee.

Come for the antisemitism, stay for the conspiracy theories. Anyway, the Xeet was deleted, so I have no idea what it said and how Space Karen endorsed it, but remember that Pizzagate was the gateway drug for the Q nonsense, so we know where this is going: straight to Hair Füror.

A Washington Post spokesperson said today that the company had made the decision to pause its advertising on Xitter (rhymes with Twitter). Pizzagate was too close to home, I guess?

My personal theory about why all the Q BS vanished is because Lord Damp Nut never declared martial law and vanquished his enemies. I fully expect Q-BS to reappear as part of his 2024 Goat Rodeo run. It’s coming.

UPDATE 1: Space Karen has been promoting Pizzagate for a while, it seems:

Elon Musk has boosted the ‘pizzagate’ conspiracy theory five times in the last two weeks
A new iteration of “pizzagate” has focused on unfounded claims that journalists were part of the conspiracy theory.

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