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Spanish telecom giant Telefonica taps Chainlink to secure API connections on Polygon

One of Spain’s largest telecommunication companies, Telefonica, has selected Chainlink to connect its systems to Polygon.

Spanish telecom giant Telefónica has announced a partnership agreement with Chainlink Labs to leverage Chainlink Functions to establish secure connections between telecom systems and blockchain networks such as Polygon.

In a press release on Feb. 15, Telefónica said it will use Chainlink’s products to verify data from various sources with GSMA’s Open Gateway SIM SWAP API. For instance, in Brazil, Telefónica is already utilizing this integration to verify the security status of SIM cards in an effort to prevent fraud.

A notable integration within this partnership is the utilization of Chainlink Functions with GSMA Open Gateway SIM SWAP API, particularly introduced by the carrier Vivo (Telefónica Brazil).

“This integration not only enhances transaction security but also introduces an extra layer of security to blockchain transactions by enabling smart contracts to now make information requests to the API, ensuring that a device’s SIM card has not undergone any unauthorized changes.”


Chainlink Labs chief business officer Johann Eid expressed enthusiasm about the collaboration, highlighting its potential to enhance security across the blockchain ecosystem:

“Bringing Telefónica’s OpenGateway APIs on-chain with Chainlink Functions unlocks novel use cases and greater security for our industry that ultimately better protect users and their assets.”

Johann Eid

For Telefónica this is not the first blockchain-related venture, though. In late January, the Madrid-headquartered firm teamed up with Nova Labs, the creator of Helium Network, to roll out Helium Mobile Hotspots in Mexico to extend coverage of mobile services in select locations.

The joint solution, which is said to be based on the OpenWifi standard developed by the Telecom Infra Project, enables select Movistar customers in Mexico to access the Helium Mobile Network using their Movistar SIM cards for authentication. Telefónica, in its turn, monitors hotspot status before allowing access and data downloads over the Helium Mobile Network.

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