Speaker Mike Johnson Calls For Defunding The Police

This particular episode comes care of Republican Speaker of the House Mike Johnson announcing cuts to the FBI, the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms, and the Department of Justice, all federal law enforcement agencies..

Johnson made it clear the cuts are due to MAGA ideology. He described the law enforcement agencies as having been “turned against the American people.”

I guess Johnson thinks we’ve all forgotten that he was vehemently opposed to defunding the police back when Republicans were falsely accusing Democrats of wanting to do such a thing. But that was before he decided to punish law enforcement for going after his (presumably) favorite p***y grabber now criminally charged with stealing classified documents and trying to overturn a legitimate election. Or that he is once again acting as the handmaiden of 91-felony-charges Trump.

No, we haven’t forgotten, nor will we.

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