Starknet Foundation creates Game Committee to attract developers

The Starknet Foundation announced the establishment of a Game Committee to develop its ecosystem.

According to the March 11 post, the Game Committee (GC) will be responsible for shaping strategies and programs for expanding into the relevant sector of the entertainment industry.

Representatives of the organization note that the six-person committee included experts from the cryptosphere and the gaming industry. The Starknet Foundation intends to rely on developing programs that will attract developers from the interactive entertainment field. 

“The Committee is tasked with designing and recommending programs to incentivize developers to build games on Starknet and to incentivize players to use them.”

The Starknet Foundation team

The organization hopes to start creating games based on Starknet, which will attract new users to the ecosystem. The committee’s work will be assessed based on several indicators, including the number of daily users, audience retention, and revenue.

In November 2023, the Starknet Foundation established a defi Committee. It also includes six people, and its primary task is implementing and monitoring the liquidity stimulation program. The total locked value (TVL) and daily trading volume will be the fundamental indicators for assessing the effectiveness of the new body.

Last month, the Starknet Foundation announced the distribution of over 700 million tokens of the Starknet network to nearly 1.3 million addresses. Applying for tokens within four months will be possible, and unclaimed STRKs will return to the distribution pool.

However, against the distribution background, the number of active users on the Starknet network dropped sharply by 57%. Later, the price of Starknet’s native token fell sharply.

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