Starting To Think This Donald Trump Guy Doesn't Want To Be President

Sure, keep bringing up President Joe Biden’s mental acuity when I know that if one of us passed out during his State of the Union address, he would be sure we would get the help we need. I know that because Biden isn’t crazy. Donald Trump, on the other hand, is a few fries short of a Happy Meal. And to prove that, Trump said during his speech in Las Vegas, Nevada on Saturday that if you were ill during his State of the Union address, then you’d be shit out of luck. Isn’t that what we want in a President? A raging narcissist who doesn’t give a fuck about the people he’s supposed to represent.

Trump told his crowd of adoring supporters that if someone needed medical attention while he was giving the SOTUS address, he wouldn’t stop so they could get the help they needed.

“You see, if this were the State of the Union address, I wouldn’t do that because it’s got to be this way,” Trump said. “You can’t say, oh, but we’re all very good friends.’

I realize that doesn’t make any sense, but we’re talking about Trump here. He rarely makes sense. But at least he was being honest about lacking the empathy gene.

The Internet responded.

The guy is not well. Trump told Iowa supporters recently to go out during brutally cold weather to vote for him even if it meant they were going to die. To. Die.

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