Stephen Colbert Rips RFK Jr For Hanging Out With 'Disturbing' People

RFK Jr. hangs out with unusual people. He’s even flown on Jeffrey Epstein’s plane and palled around with Harvey Weinstein, among other dubious creatures. The list is long, but the infamous anti-vaxxer’s excuse appears to be the same: They came to his house. Ooof! Stephen Colbert took a look at that.

“Now, one person who doesn’t need a political party is independent candidate RFK Jr,” Colbert said. “He has been, yes, he’s been in a bit of hot water, which is one of the reasons he looks parboiled. The other reason is that he is admitted to flying on Jeffrey Epstein’s plane.”

Colbert played the clip.

“You know, i’m in New York for most of my life,” the totally serious Presidential hopeful says. “So yeah, so I run into everybody in New York. i mean, i knew Harvey Weinstein. I knew Roger Ailes. I knew — OJ Simpson came to my house. Bill Cosby came to my house.”

The late-night comedian wasn’t buying it.

“I mean, you gotta understand, R. Kelly is my roommate. I’m pen pals with Danny Masterson,” Colbert said. “My groomsmen were Kevin Spacey, Armie Hammer, and the Son of Sam.”

“I once had dinner with Jeffrey Dahmer, and I knew it was people!” he continued. “What can I say? I live in New York!”

“Now, RFK is not letting the controversy slow him down one bit,” he said. Yesterday, we learned that he is reportedly considering Aaron Rodgers for Veep. It’s a risky move to pick Rodgers. If we’ve learned one thing, it’s that the minute he starts running, he’s going to snap his Achilles.”

“But philosophically, it’s a good match, philosophically because like his buddy RFK Jr., Rodgers is anti-vax. But that’s not all he would bring to the ticket. He is also known for talking about pooping in the dark at an isolation retreat, touting the healing powers of dolphins’ mating sounds, and advocating for psychedelics and ayahuasca. This would not be the first presidential ticket to embrace psychotropic drugs.”

“Who can forget William Henry Harrison’s 1840 campaign? Trippy canoe and spiders! Ahhhh! There are no actual spiders,” he continued. Rodgers isn’t the only contender. Bobby Jr. is evidently also considering former Minnesota governor and Frankenstein at a Phish concert Jesse Ventura.”

“There is no final decision yet, but RFK Jr. did confirm that both men are at the top of his list,” he added. “And I think I can guess the rest of that list. Harvey Weinstein. OJ Simpson. Bill Cosby.”

There is no path to the White House for RFK Jr. He’s either a delusional narcissist who thinks he can win. Or he wants to shave off some votes from Biden — although he would likely be taking votes from Trump.

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