Steve Bannon Afraid Of NYC Trial: 'It's Not Going President Trump's Way'

Steve Bannon was acting very hinky and scared after the first day of the Hush Money trial and it was only the jury selection.

The seditious mouthpiece for Trump brought doom and gloom to his program.

You know, I’ve talked to, I’ve had the opportunity to talk to a bunch of lawyers, very learned judges, lawyers, this afternoon in preparation for the afternoon.

People are pretty stunned.

And I mean, people that are not, you know, the War Room, Steve Bannon, hair on fire, Mike Lindell, yelling and screaming.

I mean, people that are judges and lawyers.

But just this first day, I mean, not going to let him go to his son’s graduation.

Not going to let him go down for this hearing in Washington, D.C. One of the most important, I think, hearings in front of the Supreme Court on presidential immunity.

Some of the other rulings today, allowing the playmate, you know, Ms. Decemberin or wherever she is, Ms. 1999, more to let Billy Bush, now they’re not going to, I don’t think, play the videotape or the audiotape, but I think they’re going to put a transcript to be able to be read to the jury as evidence.

So, you know, it’s not going President Trump’s way, we’ve got to be blunt about that, but it wasn’t supposed to.

How was it supposed to go? Criminal defendants do not get special treatment to delay trials because of graduation ceremonies. And Trump got together with Stormy while his wife was pregnant with Barron.

And why would any judge allow a defendant to run to D.C. to watch a Supreme Court case?

And from very learned people, and people who are not right-wing MAGA and not ultra-MAGA, they’re sitting there going, they’ve never seen anything like this in their life.

It is shocking, shocking, shocking what’s going on.

To the MAGA cult, attempting to hold diminished Don accountable for anything is shocking, indeed.

I’ve never seen Bannon so rattled this early.

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