Steve Bannon Claims Democrats Stole NY Special Election

Steve Bannon seems to have gotten a lot of sour grapes for Valentine’s Day, assuming anyone wants to think of him on the Day of Love. The guy who wants to dismantle American democracy via his favorite pu**y grabber, could not stop whining about the Democratic victory in New York’s special election to replace Republican George Santos.

Bannon called the unions’ “ballot harvesting operation” in Queens “impressive.” He said, “We have to face this” because, he claimed, they are “so good” at ballot harvesting and they have “concentrations in college and university towns and in big urban areas.” But “the rest of the nation is MAGA,” he said.

I guess he forgot that Republicans have lost the popular vote since 2004, including both times his most-beloved quadruple indictee ran for president.

Nevertheless, Bannon baselessly claimed that unions/Democrats use “bad voter rolls” and “we have to have a reality check about the mail-in ballots.”

Guest Alex deGrasse, of “Team Elise” Stefanik, whined about dark “Soros” money before acknowledging that Democrats “ran a good play” and “a very sophisticated operation.”

But don’t forget every MAGA accusation is a projection. DeGrasse said the quiet part out loud: “Republicans have to wake up, that we need to get a handle on this election security, ballot integrity, offensive lawsuits and everything else.” He cited Democratic wins in Arizona, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin as bad omens.

Bannon added, “The central beating heart of this issue is their ability to steal an election. They stole this election in New York, okay?” He didn’t provide any evidence to back up that claim. But the next words out of his mouth were “First, we had a terrible candidate. I don’t know how you picked her.” He claimed she failed the “acid test” of “Is she MAGA” and would she look for “President” Trump’s support.

Then it was back to Bannon’s baseless claim the election was stolen. “The Marc Elias operation is perfecting the ballot harvesting, and the mail-in ballots are still there and they’re stealing this. Like I said in 2020, they’re stealing it by mail-in ballots and with these bad voter rolls and you can’t get away from that.”

Translation: Bannon, et al. will try to steal the election in 2024 for Trump by hook or by crook.

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